Yip Harburg, Frida Kahlo, Béla Lugosi, and Tom Mix Honored with Stamps – Why not Liberace?

The complete list of persons ever honored with US Postage stamps on Wikipedia is an interesting read.

Most of the public does not remember Yip Harburg the yiddish composer who followed his dreams, yet we all know who Liberace is with just one word.

Frida Kahlo was not even an American artist. Liberace was just a good American boy from Wisconsin with two eyebrows.

Béla Lugosi a monster man who could never hold the attention of a room as Lee could tickling the ivories.

Tom Mix was a cowboy star in westerns Ronald Reagan enjoyed growing up – so we know how he got his stamp.

In 1997 Albert Schoenhut a man so remembered by history that no Wikipedia page exists for him was honored with a stamp as a doll and piano maker.

What did all of these people have that Liberace does not? (Until Now)

These public figures had a fan base willing to champion their cause, write letters, and enter into the public record their official request that these people be honored.

Now is the time to do the same for Liberace.

Please take a few moments of your time to honor the legacy of Liberace with an official letter to the US Postal Service.