A friend just told me that in Washington DC representative Shelley Berkley has a tribute to Liberace in her office. This does not surprise me. Shelley Berkley is the most fabulous woman in Washington DC who must have some inspiration her long hours working hard for us.

Perhaps many of our representatives simply assume that after having a world class museum all that can be done to recognize this great talent has been done.

Liberace is deserving of the National acknowledgement of his contribution to the arts in US History.

In addition to contacting the Citizens Stamp Committee ask your government representatives for help. A letter from a fan is one thing, yet letters from public officials about how Liberace shaped both Las Vegas and the music industry get even more attention.

Shelley Berkley – please be the first public official to urge the Citizen Stamp Committee to acknowledge Nevada’s most fabulous citizen ever on a stamp!

You can contact Shelley Berkley at:

Twitter: @RepBerkley

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shelleyberkley

Official Website: http://berkley.house.gov/

To send an email you must use the website form: http://berkley.house.gov/contact/email-me.shtml

Do not use the “help with an official agency tab” this requires you have an open case number with an agency.