Truth is often stranger than fiction, add Hollywood, professional wrestling, and Liberace onto the same performance stage and it makes for a historic evening that only generations later we would scratch our heads marveling at how it ever did happen.

The perspective of this story from how the match that was to happen between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Hulk Hogan is detailed in his blog.

Bring in Liberace! He appeared on the same stage as the Hulkster cheering him on in his future match on Season 10 of Saturday Night Live. Quote from the history of Wrestlemania

You can catch Lee in the ring at 2:19 in this video

In addition, Liberace, Muhammad Ali, and Billy Martin were involved in the match.

I have not been able to find full video of this match or the Saturday Night live episode from the night before. I am sure that these would reveal the great sense of humor Liberace had for all forms of entertainment. Liberace is billed as guest time keeper.

I love this promotional commercial for the event which has Liberace at the end (1:17 into video) as the special event time keeper.

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