The Weekly World News LOVED Liberace!

Not only was it reported that he was wandering the streets dressed as woman in 1993 the paper had several interesting tales to tell about him.

Lee probably would have enjoyed the attention, but poo-poohed the poor photo editing and even worse the wardrobe selection if he had been dressing as a woman!

Weekly World News Liberace Archive:

Liberace Turned into a Macho Man in Heaven – 1988

Liberace Sighted in a Yellow UFO – 1989

Liberace Still Sends Christmas Card Through Top Psychic – 1989

If We Let Gays in the Military Liberace will Replace Uncle Sam on Recruitment Posters – 1990

Liberace was a Stallion – Not a Sissy – 1990

Psychic Gallery of Doom – 1990

Liberace and Malcolm Forbes Reunited in Eternity – 1990

Elvis and Liberace Cut Loose and Jam in Heaven – 1990

Liberace’s Love Child – 1991

Piano Superstar Spotted in Las Vegas Dressed as a Woman – 1993

Liberace Look Alike Arrested in Paris – 1995

Ed Anger Outraged that Next $1 Coin Might have Liberace on it – 1996

Ghost of Liberace Terrorizes 26 in Ohio – 1997

Liberace was a Rough and Tough He-Man Who Spied for the CIA – 1998

Men Who Like Tropical Fish are Sissies! Check out Liberace – 1998

How to Tell if Your Baby is Gay – 1998

Liberace Secretly Wanted to be a Country Singer -1999

Michael Jackson Talks with Liberace’s Ghost “All the Time!” – 1999

Is My Body Possessed by Liberace – 2000

New Electronic Gloves Make you Play Like Liberace – 2002

Psychic’s Predict Barbra Streisand Elected President in 2004 and Liberace Emerges from his Faked Death – 2002

China to Go Gay – It’s Liberace’s Fault – 2003

Gays Pushing for Liberace’s Face on Your Money – 2004

Liberace Sighted in a Silver UFO – 2005 (now that is more like it!)

My House is Haunted by Liberace’s Gay Ghost – 2005

Gayest American Hero works at Liberace Museum – 2005



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