Buzz abounds that Steven Soderbergh will start filming of a bio-pic based on the life of Liberace. While it may be campy to have Matt Damon play Scott Thorson, there are many matters in Mr. Thorson’s publicly published history that should lead us all to view his version of events with suspicion.

As Mr. Thorson has sued in the past for defamation I leave to the readers to follow the links to these public published reports and decide if these are the eyes through which an icon should be immortalized.

Scott Thorson – Google Article Timeline details how many articles by year and activities

Connection to the Wonderland Murders

2002 Larry King Interview Transcript

Liberace’s Ex-Lover Claims Gay Affair With Jackson

VERY interesting that the co-author for the book written by Thorson says that he never mentioned anything about Michael Jackson until he was done with witness protection program and looking for notoriety.

Appears in documentary in 2005 Michael Jacksons Boys to disparage Michael Jackson.

National Enquirer’s Story of Meth Bush in Palm Springs

Liberace left behind many whom can tell the truth about his life unclouded by drug addiction, greed, and revenge. I hope the film producers consider the source when painting the picture of a legend through someone who clearly seeks attention through involvement with celebrities.

It would be a terrible shame to see someone who has had obvious drug problems financially benefit from royalties on a film when many explain that what had happened with Liberace in life was his sincere desire not to have his fortune fuel drug abuse.

Steven Soderbergh is so vastly talented I believe that he can deliver a better biographical account of Liberace’s life than this schmaltzy made for TV movie.