When I read this story it thrilled me to see that a place where Liberace did not live still has a group of artists inspired by his legacy.

City of Lancaster to Add Pianos to The BLVD
Public Pianos to Act as Both Musical Instruments and Artwork
Posted Date: 12/15/2010 4:00 PM
The City of Lancaster unveiled a new project which will set pianos along The BLVD for the community to play. To enliven The BLVD with both music and visual art, these pianos have been transformed into works of art by two local Antelope Valley artist collectives.

“What we are witnessing is the rapid burgeoning of the arts in our downtown area,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “The BLVD Pianos have joined the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery, Cedar Center, Artists’ Lofts and Gallery, BeX Bandstand stage, and the upcoming movie theater in bringing the arts to downtown Lancaster. These pianos are a synthesis of music and visual art, acting as yet another attraction to fulfill The BLVD’s motto as a “Destination for your Senses.”

The program is modeled after similar programs in several cities, including Denver, New York and Birmingham, UK. The pianos are decorated by artists and then placed in public locations where anyone who wishes may play them.

Inspired by these programs, the City of Lancaster purchased the pianos and handed them off to two different artist collectives, which then converted them into functional pieces of art. Bryan Pacana, Larissa Nickel and Laurel Siler designed a Liberace-inspired piano, while more than a dozen artists collaborated on the artwork covering a tiled-collage piano. The artists include: Todd Cooper, Edwin Vasquez, Dennis Calaba, Donna Weil, Susan Moses, Jennifer Petty, Autumn Petty, Dave Faust, Arturo Castañon, Ana Luz Castañon, Benjamin Andrews, Cheryl Jackson-Schaffer and Mia Badua.

The two pianos will be placed on the BLVD; one on the sidewalk in front of Graphic Experience and one in the Ramblas in front of Bank of America. There are plans to provide each piano with a protective encasement. At a later date, the program will expand to include additional pianos along The BLVD.

“These pianos are a catalyst for creating community,” concluded Mayor Parris. “When someone sits down and starts to play, people stop, gather around, and begin to comment and converse. These pianos, like many other attractions on the BLVD, provide a focal point where people can come together and connect with one another.”
More about the artists who designed and decorated the Liberace piano:
Bryan Pacana
Larissa Nickel
Laurel Siler

I am in awe of how you have kept fabulous alive!!!!!!