Online radio stations feature streaming music for free from your computer, smart phone, or internet listening device like Roku. Children’s game systems including Sony Playstation, Wii, and XBox feature the ability to listen to online virtual radio stations. These stations play either just the artist you select, or both the artist and similar performers. The beauty of these systems is that after several days of clicking thumbs up – to your favorites, and thumbs down to those you do not like you shortly have a music collection playing suited to your tastes.

There are other stations but I chose to omit stations known for not respecting the intellectual property rights of artists.

GrooveShark Liberace Radio Station

This is a straightforward collection of many of Liberace’s works and an option to make tracks your favorite but not the ability to exclude tracks. You can sign up for the service or listen for free from the link. Online website only. No commercials in between tracks.

Last.Fm Liberace Virtual Radio Station

This station is available on X-Box video game consoles and online. Supported by commercials that interrupt the broadcast. Tracks play with a great collection of photographs while the music plays. This station plays both Liberace and his tribute artists and allows listeners to help further support these artists by purchasing directly from the site. Artists are also compensated for their works appearing on the site which generate ad revenues. You can also purchase a premium account if you wish to not listen to ads. This station allows you to exclude tracks you do not like, and select favorites.


This service requires that you sign up for a free account. A  Music Genome Project it plays songs based on your preference for a specific song or artist. You are allowed to exclude tracks you do not like as well as select favorites. Audio commercials play once about every 3 or 4 tracks for 15 seconds. The service keeps track of all of your preferences so you can listen between your computer or phone and even your car on a specialized stereo. You can program up to 100 unique radio stations suited to your personalized tastes all for FREE! Artists are compensated by royalty fees.