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From Carolyn’s official website:

Carolyn, whose parents were both of Polish descent, was born in Fall River MA on September 26th. Music was always prevalent in the home. Her father, an accordionist, had a polka band for many years and was a radio personality.

At the age of 5 yrs., Carolyn began tinkering with the piano. At 8 years old she decided to play the accordion like her father. She was very sickly at that time, having nearly died from ruptured appendix, and she suffered from severe asthma. She turned her attention and gave all her energy to her music. Her parents and teacher saw in her a unique musical talent and great potential and encouraged the study of organ also. At age 16 she was already playing professionally locally and nationally during her junior and senior years at a Private Girls Academy . She was already appearing on TV specials, playing the organ for professional roller skating championships all over the country, and entertaining at hospitals and other charitable events. Her talents was recognized nationally and, still at the early age of 17, she was working with many famous personalities, including accompanist for Joe Feeney from the Lawrence Welk Show.

Carolyn Lee and LiberaceMarried at a young age, her career was placed on hold while she raised two sons. At that time, she taught piano, organ, and accordion and managed Piano & Organ Stores for a number of years. In 1982 she opened her own Music Store THE MELODY SHOPPE, allowing her to still continue to raise her children. All through this period Carolyn’s talents never went unnoticed. She met her Mentor LIBERACE in 1978 when he came to Rhode Island. That was the beginning of a friendship that would last until LIBERACE’S untimely death. They would quip about the glitz and candelabra. Just as the Life of Chopin in A SONG TO REMEMBER changed his life, the same movie changed her career from becoming a Doctor to a Musician. She quips “Now I cut up on Stage!”

At one time she was featured in the Baldwin Dialogue Magazine and was complimented after one of her performances that “she put on an evening’s entertainment worthy of Lee Himself.” She told everyone that LIBERACE got the idea of the candelabra from her. When the two met, she told him of her comment. Not only did he laugh, he made an audio tape that she plays during her performance stating he borrowed the idea and it did wonders for his career. Her show REMEMBERING LIBERACE relives the Liberace Years and his unique style of music and rapport with his audiences.

Her other mentor was the unique and talented VICTOR BORGE. She also got to meet and spend time with after various performances throughout the country.

Performing nationally and internationally including the Las Vegas Hilton, she performed with some of the musicians that worked with LIIBERACE. She also appeared at CARNEGIE HALL four consecutive years, being one of the few entertainers invited back for their 100th Anniversary. On September 29, 1991, during her performance, she was inducted into CARNEGIE HALL ARCHIVES. Although she only started performing nationally in 1988, she has been featured on radio and television for many specials all over the world, recognized in many prestigious publications all over the world, and also is a recording artist. After a performance in New England, a fan gave her the name POLISH PRINCESS. Thus, a new name is now associated with CAROLYN LEE. She is the proud mother of two sons, eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She usually quips “I’d like to thank my parents for making this possible and children and grandchildren for making it NECESSARY!!!” which always brings on a laugh.

Carolyn Lee and Liberace in Las Vegas October 1985

She loves her audiences! They love her! She is continuing to capture the hearts of audiences all over the world.

Phone message from Liberace to Princess

Video clip of Princess discussing her ring from Dora Liberace that was given to her by Liberace