Rip Taylor is perhaps the entertainer of his generation to best embrace the internet age. Any YouTube search of his name yields gems you just have to watch again this many years later. Rip is still out there working, making appearances, and to anyone who asks embracing the legacy of his friend Liberace.

Rip was at the museum the day it opened, he came back the day it closed. Throughout the years he came back both to visit and perform.

Rip was at the groundbreaking in 2001 of the museum expansion.

Rip is remembered for giving the following quote to People Magazine April 1988 about the auction

…comedian Rip Taylor, a close friend of Liberace’s, complained of the display,

“When it was together it was elegant. Now it looks like a garage sale.” But even that, Taylor admits, wouldn’t have deterred a consummate shopper like Liberace. “If he were here today,” says Taylor, “he would probably have bought everything again.”

Check out Rip Taylor’s website he continues to blog on a regular basis and update with new material.