I had the thrill of speaking with Steve Garey Liberace’s living protege over this past week. I have plans to write a much more extensive piece filled with the love and gratitude he clearly has for Liberace this many years later.

It is a pleasure to talk to Steve who absolutely supports the effort to put Liberace on a postage stamp. I had not known until he told me that in 1988 an effort had been made to collect signatures at concerts as well as letters from many famous celebrities to place Lee on a stamp. Unfortunately at the time Lee had not been gone for more than ten years to demonstrate his ongoing legacy as the postal regulations now require. I am happy to say that the case for Lee’s stamp is stronger today than ever! This lead has helped me research into the public papers of everyone from Ronald Reagan (the Presidential library is sending me copies of his letters about Lee) to major celebrities to re-create for the fans how endearing Lee was to the public.

Steve like the rest of us is heartbroken over the close of the Liberace Museum. So much is to be said about how Liberace filled those around him with an enduring sense of his spirit to approach the world with love and kindness expressing humanity toward others. I hope that you will take the time to visit his website and enjoy his music and read his story. His story about Liberace is not to be missed. Please click on the About Liberace tab.

Steve provides on his site a fact-filled outline about his friendship with Liberace and insight to his last days. I am especially touched by the pride Liberace had in Steve’s career that he had lived long enough to see his student become a master of the stage. I anxiously look forward to Steve’s upcoming autobiography as Liberace is a key figure but certainly not the only interesting chapter to Steve’s life.

Now many years later I continue to benefit greatly from all he so generously taught me, and from our rare and privileged friendship. Honestly not a performance of mine goes by, anywhere in the world, that I don’t think of Lee, of his musical instruction to me, his strongly held belief in God, and of the fine example of kindness, decency and professionalism he set for myself and others like me to follow. His many close friends and I feel deeply the loss of such a valued and much, much too brief friendship.

Steve Garey – Steve Garey.com Biography

I had expected bitterness toward Scott Thorson yet Steve is kind recognizing that Scott’s life has been a challenging one having not an ounce of hate toward him. Refreshingly Steve assures me however that the Hollywood film about Liberace is not based upon Behind the Candelabra but instead is based upon public accounts with no royalties paid to Scott. Steve has personally consulted with the film producers for many years throughout the genesis of the script (yet another exciting story I can’t wait to tell) in order to bring to light the full character of Liberace. Steve has been a true friend to Liberace both in life and well after as a living tribute to the legacy of both talent and kindness.

Steve is recovering from an injury that he promises will not keep him away from his audiences forever.

Please take a moment to visit the website: http://www.stevegarey.com/