Bringing you Liberace tribute artists from around the globe today’s installment is Walter Whipple as Liberace.

From the official Walter Whipple Website

Starring internationally acclaimed concert pianist

Music Director and Conductor

Mr. Showmanship! is an all-live, terrifically entertaining tribute to the 20th Century’s greatest showman, Liberace!
Renowned pianist, Walter Whipple, backed by a full compliment of skilled musicians, dancers and technicians,
performs all of Liberace’s signature pieces; including MalaguenaBeer Barrel PolkaChopsticks,
and his sentimental closing number, I’ll Be Seeing You.

If you fondly remember Liberace, or if you always wanted to see him in person, you won’t want to miss the one show
that combines authentic piano virtuosity, fabulous costumes, choreography, and comedy to create a dazzling portrayal
of the beloved artist the world came to know as
Mr. Showmanship!