“We’re too great a nation to limit ourselves to small dreams.”

Ronald Reagan
Inaugural Address
West Front of the U.S. Capitol
January 20, 1981

If there ever was an entertainer who lived the American dream it certainly was Liberace to go from such humble means to the most luxurious and elaborate lifestyle he could have ever dreamed for himself. He lived his big dreams and we loved it!

Liberace was never one to engage publicly in politics. He never engaged in any public political causes throughout his life. He was however a great fan of Ronald Reagan. From the letters below the adoration was mutual.


I obtained through the Ronald Reagan Library with the assistance of their gracious research department this series of letters. These outline arrangements to bring Liberace to the White House but the schedules of a busy President and a world class performer were difficult to coordinate. Liberace had played for three previous presidents and looked forward to the opportunity to play for President and Mrs. Reagan in an official capacity. As the letters point out the schedule at the White House could not fit in Liberace, so the Reagans came to his performance at the Kennedy Center even visiting him backstage.

So the White House could not have Liberace come over to perform so the Reagans came to see Liberace!


Ronald and Nancy Reagan August 1985 with gift from Liberace

The Reagans friendship extended to when Lee became sick. In his final days they sent a floral arrangement too large to even fit inside the Palm Springs home. I have requested copies of the notes, telegrams, and all other condolences from the Reagans to the Liberace family through the Freedom of Information act. The Reagan Library has been a great organization to work with in helping me document the mutual admiration shared between Lee and the President.

As soon as I have copies of those documents I will share them. President Reagan even wrote a letter in support of a Liberace postage stamp according to Liberace’s attorney Joel Strote.

If you would like your own full color copy of the Reagans with the chocolate piano you can order it from the Ronald Reagan library using document number 335764 4000 PR005-01 GI002  this photograph is held by the Presidential Archives and you will need to complete this form to expedite your request.