Jack Rappaport according to the Liberace Foundation website is not listed as a member of the board, yet he is identified as the President of the Liberace Foundation both on tax returns and public appearances.

Jack Rappaport on Making Moves Radio segment @13:53 – Jack’s appearance on the Making Moves Radio Show segment starts at 13:53 into the file

The revelation that Jack went to his first classical music concert at age 40 is a bit disconcerting. Listen to the interview and judge for yourself if he embodies the attitudes, imagination, and chutzpah it takes to shepherd Lee’s legacy throughout the 21st century.    When Jack listed himself in the WhosWho of Real Estate in 2009 three years after he joined the foundation it was not listed among his accomplishments.

A review of the tax forms for the Alfred And Marjorie Rappaport Foundationof which he is listed as the president, consultant, and book keeper reveals that his past non-profit experience was not extraordinarily complex. As the 2007 tax return states the only 2 assets.

In fairness the Rappaport foundation as shown on the tax forms has made several donations to the Liberace Foundation:

2008 –   $4570

2007–   $1000

2006–   $500

2005– $000 No use in analyzing prior years before the Rappaport foundation knew that Liberace existed.

Furthermore Jack HAD NO IDEA WHO LIBERACE WAS despite living for years in Las Vegas, being on the board of the Las Vegas music festival, and having involvement with UNLV music programs. How can you just not notice Liberace?

Reviewing the tax forms for his only prior non-profit experience entirely funded by the estates of Alfred and Marjorie Rappaport should have given the foundation pause to recognize that the beast of continuing to fund an ongoing concern using the public goodwill is a much greater feat to accomplish. As I look at the Rappaport foundation I see an organization that received a nearly a large seed contribution and is using its assets to make donations to the public (along with paying Jack a $61,000 consulting fee in 2008). Further analysis of this organization is not available as the last tax return was filed for year 2008.

FoundationCenter.org also has the tax returns for the Liberace Foundation available for public review. Here is the link to the most recent return signed by Jack Rappaport in June 2010 for the tax year ending August 2009. Interesting that this most recent tax form features a new accounting firm, and does not list to what organizations the foundation has given scholarships. You may recall my article about the Liberace Foundation funding the Nevada Community Foundation instead of direct donations to colleges. You can also review this foundations tax forms at FoundationCenter.org to see for yourself that this charity is not about helping students receive scholarships in the performing arts. The 2009 return for the Nevada Community Foundation lists the ways they distribute funds in our community including more than $300,000 in scholarships in addition to other programs.  Yet because the Liberace Foundation is not listed as a foundation they are working for to administrate scholarships nothing indicates that these scholarships are dedicated to the arts.

Read Jack Rappaport’s  interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal prior to the closing of the museum. Nothing listed in his qualifications has prepared him to lead a world class organization requiring extensive non-profit management experience. Perhaps this is why the foundation does not list him on the board as I look at the website tonight.

For an individual with extensive real estate experience I hear that he will not return phone calls from interested qualified investors interested in purchasing the Liberace strip mall to even bring an offer to release the foundation from that liability so that the collections may be displayed in a more prominent location such as Town Center which was a goal touted by Mr. Rappaport.  (Qualified members of the local Las Vegas media I can give you the phone numbers and contact information for such investors.)

Las Vegas blogger Claire Voyant offers additional insight into the organization in her extensive piece.

The goal of keeping his collections alive does not happen with the museum closed. Period.