Today many deceased artists earn millions for their estates long after they have passed through agencies with an expertise in such agreements. A prime example is Mark Roesler who represents the estates of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Jim Morrison to name a few.

After watching the 60 Minutes interview he did A Living for the Dead I am a believer that he or another agent so qualified could breathe new life into the Liberace legacy and generate income exceeding the museum admissions.

If Lee could support his Legacy through use of his image and the hundreds of hours of pitch footage from his television show he would be thrilled.

Why has the Liberace Foundation and its current management done nothing to contract with Mark Roesler or another agent to take Lee into the 21st Century. It is one thing to lean on a collection of old works, but to create new breathing new life into the gifts he left behind truly honors his legacy.

This is yet another question for those of us to actively pursue with the Liberace foundation. I sincerely hope that Mark Roesler or another agent comes forward with a plan to help Lee earn for his foundation again. Now is the time with the foundation in crisis to pick up the phone.

Lee was a marvelous pitch man. Just imagine what his wink and flourish could do these days.

I have heard from an insider that the reason Lee is not working from the grave is a lack of imagination on the part of the foundation. This concept is not new yet no one has made the effort to get the board together and get this done. Talk to anyone who knew Lee that if he knew there was a way to keep his foundation going BEFORE they sell away his treasures he would get to work.

Please ask the foundation at why Lee is not working.
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