Please read Carol’s story on her website as it is the only place told in her own words the experience she had making this painting for Lee as a young woman and how he so graciously and generously accepted her gift.  Let’s just say she had a great surprise many years later well after Lee passed away.

You can only imagine the shock I got when, having paid my admission at the main entrance, I turned around and came face to face with the portrait I had painted, it being the very first portrait you see on entering the Museum. I could not believe my eyes. I never thought I would ever see it again and never imagined it would come full circle 24 years later.

Today Carol is disappointed that the museum has closed, yet still cherishes the memory of her meeting with Liberace as a young woman and how he treasured the work of art she created.

All images property of Carol Cresswell published with her personal permission to recognize the legacy of Liberace.


Please also admire Carol’s expansive work in wildlife paintings. If you are interested in commissioning Carol Cresswell for a portrait please email her at so you too can have an artist Lee appreciated create a masterpiece.