The Ava Gardner Museum located in the sleepy little town of Smithfield North Carolina is thriving according to the following article:

Ava Gardner Museum Continues to Grow While Other Celebrity Museums Face Challenging Times

Viewing the website they are doing so many things right, that the Liberace Foundation has wrong. Clearly this museum shows that you can create an online exhibit and have folks clamoring with even more excitement to get in! Outreach via Twitter, Facebook, and blog itself continue to keep her legacy alive with regular posts.

One of the ways this museum is supported is through the  “Ava Advocate” program. A membership program designed to help finance the continued operation of the Ava Gardner Museum, while at the same time share information about the museum and the life of the actress with her many enduring fans and supporters.

The Liberace Foundation could do the same thing, but again the books would have to open because invested community members would want to know where the money goes.