According to the January 18, 2011 article on Milwaukee Magazine’s News Buzz site the Milwaukee Arts Board met on January 11th 2011 to consider an agenda item consisting of a request to assist the foundation with funding for a permanent exhibit.

According to Bill DeLind, a gallery owner and one of the board’s 17 members, the agenda item was a communication from the former Liberace Museum asking city officials to see if they would consider providing  some funding to help the museum remain a viable entity.

“The museum is shutting down and they want to take it on the road, bringing it to different places in the country, and they thought they’d contact the Arts Board in their search for deep pockets,” DeLind says.

This is an interesting request from a group that has not disclosed the status of the foundation’s existing funding.

Here is a suggestion: OPEN THE BOOKS!

Get the fans, Lee’s living friends, and our community in the discussion about the museum instead of these clandestine requests for support from outside organizations.

Furthermore there is NO online marketing going on to further the legacy of the scholarships. Why not partner with the LVIMA Las Vegas Interactive Media Marketing Association to get the virtual show on the road? Online donors want to know what happens with their $$$$ which again requires you open the books.

Did you know that donations can be made via corporate parters using Twitter? This weeks $5 was donated every time someone tweeted #Autism courtesy of Samsung. Why not seek these partnerships for the twitterverse of Lee’s fans on days of remembrance for him?

Yet again I demonstrate it will take a lot more chutpah, imagination, cooperation, and experience than exhibited by the current board and its President Jack Rappaport.

It is time to decide what is more important: preserving the power of the few or sharing Lee with the world!