This past Friday was the 24th anniversary of Liberace’s passing.

The online world shows his enduring legacy that so many took the time to mention him online with a message to all of their followers, even if the official foundation and museum did not.

This was the mention by the museum via twitter about the day:

Although no one at the foundation thought to make mention of his passing through his electronic media sites the world did not forget about Lee.

First I make mention of Lee’s dear friend and living protege Steve Garey. I spoke to Steve on Friday and he had already been out to lay flowers at the Cloisters. He was heartbroken after all of the work he has personally done for the foundation and the thousands of dollars he has donated to the preservation of Lee’s legacy that not more was done to recognize this day.

(Note that the Ava Gardner foundation is making mention of Ava every day. Class act treatment that Lee certainly deserves.)

Next year will be critical for remembering Lee as the golden anniversary of his passing approaches there will also be a movie out about him. The 20th anniversary programs held for Lee were tremendously successful. The foundation has a choice to either aggressively work to market Lee now so that his image can refill the coffers with receipts from a renewed enthusiasm about his legacy or literally let all of that money slip through their fingers so that all marketing profits will be reaped by Hollywood and not the foundation bearing his name. Ask yourself what would Liberace the brilliant businessman who profited from his image want? He would want to take it to the bank!

Here are just a few of the online remembrances posted publicly about Lee’s passing in the twitterverse to show he is not forgotten:


A cute blog was posted with ideas how to celebrate Liberace day.

Liberace also is the author of one of the most popular phrases on Twitter:

Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself. ~Liberace

If you should ever doubt that his enthusiasm has not stayed in our collective American conscience – click this link – and read how many people have tweeted this phrase today from all around the world.