If you are in Las Vegas on February 27th do not miss a great show by great performers who really put their money where their mouth is when it comes to supporting the arts in our community.

First we have Joseph Gabriel whom in addition to his world famous work as a master magician is also the magic hands behind the Liberace puppet.  The puppet implies on his Facebook page that he may even be a special guest performer. Additional thanks go to Joseph Gabriel for this appearance on Fox 5 Vegas with the puppet where he urged the public to get online and read the tax documents of the Liberace Foundation. He was at the closure of the museum and has shown incredible respect for Liberace’s legacy even collecting videos from Liberace supporters.  This blog has also shared information from the tax documents for the foundation.

Link to Joseph Gabriel’s Appearance on the More Las Vegas Show (network requires you view commercial before video will show)

The lovely Katalin is not to missed or overshadowed by her fabulous co-stars. Check out her amazing website.  Not just any showgirl she performs her own brilliant illusions. She also shares her love of Liberace.

Wes Winters rounds out the show as the longest running Liberace tribute artist in Las Vegas. You may even recall that the showroom at the Liberace Museum was named for Wes for many years. You can still be lucky enough to catch Wes at Envy the Steakhouse for the legendary bottomless mimosa Sunday brunch.

I think it is incredible that these performers have carried on the spirit of bringing arts to our community by donating their efforts to benefit the local community through the Performing Arts Society of Nevada in the brown bag concert series. I checked and unlike other non-profit institutions in our community this foundation does not run with a heavy overhead of overpaid folks who posture a love of the arts. Check out the form 990 note that it was completed to the IRS promptly, all activities clearly outlined, and compare compensation.  I hope we all start look at arts groups in our community to ensure that our donations go to those organizations invested in the arts as a means to enhancing quality of life in our community.

When the Liberace foundation fell into mis-management they lost these great performers and many more whom in an open environment with input how to resolve the unique challenges facing the foundation calling upon their collective wisdom would have been willing to work together to forge solutions.

Where is Jack Rappaport? When the cake cutting is over where is he and does he have what it takes to be running the foundation? Or is he? He is not at the helm of its Twitter.

In the come-back town of Las Vegas anything can still be possible for Liberace if the doors and the books fly open to resume the true spirit of his legacy.