The inside lobby of the Pantages Theater hosted many Hollywood greats for the premiere of A Star is Born including Liberace and Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor at 10:17 Lee is right after her at 10:41

What a wonderful time it was back then. Read the article Memories of Taylor and company in Hollywood’s revolutionary 1950s

Read about Liberace and Elizabeth Taylor from the Wonderful World of Liberace

They are on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars together. They are not at the same cemetery. Lee is at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills and Elizabeth Taylor is at Forest Lawn Glendale.

According to several reports Lee was once engaged to marry Joanne Rio whom once worked as Elizabeth Taylor’s stand-in. IMDB on Joanne Rio.

To truly appreciate the work of anyone who has passed it is touching to see them as their greatest fans did. Check out the work of Richard Bassett on YouTube. He has made more than 120 videos about Elizabeth Taylor.

See his Angel video below:

Elizabeth Taylor said the word AIDS before it was ever uttered in the oval office. She fought for AIDS research. Her courage in Hollywood about this terrible disease was in a world where performers including Liberace feared deeply in their souls about being labeled with the disease fearing that it would forever tarnish the memory their fans had of them.

Elizabeth lived to see the world turn around, Lee did not, but we all know his memory is about his talent first and foremost.

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