The blog Spectacularly Delicious test cooks interesting sounding recipes then reports to you on what is well worth your palate.  

First they brought us Liberace’s unique sable cookie recipe made using cooked eggs.  Liberace’s NutTorte is also a great hit. I have not had the time to give Lee’s sashimi recipe its proper respects.

Now Spectacularly Delicious thrills us with Lee’s own lavishly embellished scampi prosciutto recipe. 

And thus Liberace’s scampi begins with the foundation scampi ingredients and then builds to a glorious crescendo with a burst of prosciutto, dark notes of rich stock and tomato paste enlivened with grace notes of exotic spice.

Click here to view the preparation and recipe for Scampi Prosciutto.

This is a trip on the internet you will not regret!