Today we have forgotten how terribly devastating blacklisting and accusations of communism were to the careers of performers in the 1950s. Your life could be ruined in a moment by someone who dared not to come forward publicly.

Liberace was the victim of such an attack. Take a look at this letter reporting his activities to the FBI not signed by anyone, mailed from Chicago about activities he was supposedly doing in California, and taken seriously by our government.

Lee was not a communist. One of his closest friends was Ronald Reagan. Everyone who knew Lee could tell you that Lee believed in capitalism.

Fortunately for Liberace that due to the frequency of the letters with no specific information about his activities no further action was taken by the FBI other than observing his activities to see if they were of a communist nature until closing the file in 1966.

Letter sent to FBI with no return address, no name, from Chicago about activities in California. Letters just like these devastated the careers of many performers in the 1950s.