I get this question as a joke all the time from friends since I have been volunteering in the local Las Vegas mayor election.

So as the self proclaimed preeminent Liberace history hobbyist of Las Vegas in my expert opinion Lee would have voted for:

No One 

Not as a “none of the above” or as a slight to either candidate Liberace just simply did not vote.

Lee was also never one to be a political advocate for any cause.

The only politician he publicly supported was Ronald Reagan out of deep friendship which would have remained had he never been elected Governor of California or President.  When Lee was dying it was the Reagans who personally called to check on his condition throughout his last week. The deep affection the Reagans had for Lee can be seen in the letters featured on this site. (My FOIA is pending clearance for the telegrams the Reagans sent Lee over the years.)

Do not mistake the fact that Lee never voted for that he did not love his country. He often said “only in America….Could a boy from Milwaukee….”

In 1953 the New York Herald Tribune brought Liberace’s name into the discussion about why women should be allowed to vote. Just another episode where critics helped Lee cry all the way to the bank!  Bob’s Liberace World – has a great story about it! 

Lee had a brilliant mind for business, but never postured upon it politically because as the highest paid performer of his time he never felt the need. Capitalism made him.

Throughout his life he went to great lengths to conceal his private life so he never voted or acted in any public way to support equality. Thank goodness our world has evolved since the time of Liberace where his government kept a file on his sexual orientation, he was investigated for petty bets,  anonymously accused of being a communist, and his mother was beaten outside his Sherman Oaks home during a dispute with a tabloid.

As tempting as it could be to say he would vote for my favorite candidate the facts and legacy of his life are such that on election day Lee would have stayed home.

An odd note:

Who knows what Lee would have thought about the Mayor of North Las Vegas keeping a cardboard cut out of his body with Oscar Goodman’s head attached to it.