What an interesting twist of fate. The Sahara hotel in Las Vegas where Liberace’s outrageous celebrity birthday publicity took place in 1967  is closing 44 years later on his birthday! 

In 1967 Liberace was lowered onto a giant birthday cake in front of the Sahara hotel according to Darden Asbury Pyron author of Liberace: An American Boy read about this celebration of Lee’s 48th birthday topped off by a hot air balloon ride from the Google Online edition of the book.   This year Lee would have been 92 and on his way to his goal of living to be 100.

How many Liberace related landmarks is Las Vegas going to lose? I am very surprised that the Liberace Foundation made no note of this coincidence. I hope that before the items related to Lee from the hotel are destroyed there is some way to transfer them to the foundation.

This year as the Sahara closes we should remember the better days when Las Vegas made international news by lowering a celebrity into his birthday cake!

Then go home and bake yourself a Liberace cake straight from a vintage cookbook! 

Photograph property of the Liberace Foundation - CLICK on the image above to see full size version hosted from the museum website