The tweets today about Liberace are about this new film by Chris Vargas.

Liberaceón, a three-channel video installation with a 16 minute narrative

Catch the detailed story here from the East Bay Press.

Chris Vargas teases his treatment of Lee’s life as:

In this project, I rescript portions of the late showman’s biography in order to insert him into a queer history of radical AIDS/HIV activism, but that’s all I’m going to say (for now).

I hope to one day see this film. While I celebrate all things Liberace, I know his dying wish was not to go down in history remembered only as a person who had AIDS. In fact his living protege Steve Garey has compelling evidence that Lee did not die of AIDS at all that the forced autopsy by the Riverside county California coroner was politically motivated. Liberace had emphysema which was the primary cause of his death hastened perhaps by HIV but his health would have failed regardless of the virus.

Celebrate Liberace for all that he was and his enduring legacy. Mr. Showmanship was a person so uniquely special to our world that I have trouble believing any re-imagination of his spirit would ever be necessary.

I sent Chris Vargas an email offering that perhaps my research or contacts may have information that would be helpful to his project.