As a lover of otherwise useless information and trivia Mental Floss is the magazine I never fly without.  I always feel just that much smarter having flossed by brain during the no electronics portion of the flight.

If you are ever looking for a great magazine for the smarty pants who has everything from age 12 and up – consider a subscription. It is a favorite in my house. What better way to promote cultural literacy than having real facts presented in beautifully snarky reverence.

This is not their first bit of information about Liberace but certainly one of my favorites.

Take a read at their blog post in honor of Liberace’s birthday:

Liberace’s 15 Most Extravagant Possessions
by Jill Harness – May 16, 2011 – 9:33 PM

I would have to add that any item of jewelry from the heist in his hotel room in 1974 should have made the list.