Throughout the 60’s and most of the 70’s Craig Road Pet Cemetery was known as Pet Ponderosa which was owned by Bunkers Memory Gardens. In 1979 the land was purchased and the name was changed to Craig Road Pet Cemetery by a husband and wife that had a vision on what would and was needed to honor our family pets.

Liberace as a resident of Las Vegas lost pets while living here and buried them in dignity without cremation at what is today the Craig Road Pet Cemetery.

Read the Las Vegas Sun story about threats to the cemetery by opening up the pet cremation business to other parties including human crematoriums in Nevada. Plus the state is moving to reduce the size of pet cemeteries from a minimum of 5 acres down to 2.5.

Liberace chose to lay his beloved pets to their final resting place in a location of dignity and peace. If the cemetery cannot afford to operate its business then it may fall into bankruptcy, abandonment, and disrepair. Google news is filled of stories across the country of abandoned pet cemeteries. 

The pet cemetery is open to the public where you can visit the pets of many former Las Vegas celebrities. Lee would love it I am sure if you wished his babies well.

Visit the official Craig Rd Pet Cemetery website to plan your visit.