I love this new sweet video with such a sweet nod to Liberace by Cee Lo Green.

Thank you Chris Vargas for being the first to share it with me! 

I have had several web searches onto the blog asking if Cee Lo Green purchased Liberace’s piano. I don’t know.

The brief Twitter post states that the museum loaned artifacts to the shoot. Wouldn’t it be a hoot to have contest to see how many the most devoted Liberace fan can spot?

The bath tub is NOT the same one as Liberace. It is still a great nod to his love of the tub and iconic bubble blowing pictures.

I would LOVE to see a VH1 Pop-up video about this video and what items are connected to Lee. (Pop-Up video is back so it could happen.) 

The piano CeeLo played in the video while resembling one that Liberace owned is not the same piano as Lady Gaga posed upon for Harpers Bazaar.   It does however look like the one played at Billboard music awards in Las Vegas.   The Liberace Foundation is secretive about what items from the collection have actually been sold to third parties. You can still dine in Las Vegas at Carluccios where they have the original piano from when Liberace owned the restaurant autographed by the legend himself. Get there soon before one day a huge celebrity like CeeLo makes the local restaurant an offer they can’t refuse for such an awesome piece of Liberace history.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the passing of Liberace so we can only wait for the next great tributes to come.