Too often the thought on what to do about Liberace is thinking solely in terms of his lavish expensive collections without a passing glance toward the inherent kitschy fabulous energy of Lee that brings a smile to our faces. We need an experience to embrace Lee by his many fans new and old without the expense of his after-lifestyle.

I am inspired by another afterlife tribute toward the great Elvis Presley: the 24 Coin Operated Church of Elvis in Portland, Oregon. Here folks embrace the enchanting spirit of the king without those high Graceland prices. As a teenager I used to visit several times a year to enjoy the fun and kitsch of a place that for a quarter you could get a lovely presentation of the king reciting words of wisdom from beyond the grave. Because this enterprise was unlicensed by the Presley estate it was rather limited in what it could say, and it certainly could not use Elvis’ real voice.

The Liberace Foundation has the rights to his images and voice so a sanctioned piece of coin-operated art would be that much more marvelous! Lee still has a whole lot more fundraising to do from beyond the grave!

Like the Coin Operated Elvis – Electronic Liberace can perform wedding ceremonies, tell your future, offer lucky lottery numbers, and offer secret prizes. The best part of a visit to the Coin Operated Elvis is the official T-shirt which of course Lee provides endless inspiration for any number of kitsch embracing souvenir items pulling from his actual taste and personal history. Lee’s mother loved the slot machines – why is she not our patron saint of the one armed bandit?

I picture the Liberace confessional photo booth! Go in and confess then get your photo taken with a smiling Lee in the background you select.

From thousands of hours of video Lee could give virtual sermons reminding the world of his authentic graciousness with a virtual experience that captures the grand style of Liberace!