I wonder how some of Liberace’s furniture ended up at Belvedere Mansion in Galena, Illinois? 

Throughout Lee’s life he loved to collect furniture and give it away as gifts. Friends and children of those friends today hold onto many cherished pieces he passed along to them. Yet a place as auspicious as Belvedere Mansion just has me thinking there must be a really good story behind it.

Wayne Anderson noted the Liberace pieces on his tour of the property in his August 7, 2011 travel article: Architecture tells the tale of Galena’s illustrious history.

 Two chairs and a sofa had belonged to Theodore Roosevelt, many pieces had belonged to the pianist Liberace, one beautiful chair had come from the Vatican, and other pieces had come from celebrities in Hollywood, including the draperies from “Gone with the Wind.”

From this link you can take your own virtual tour of just a small bit of the mansion. The rooms displayed certainly have the feel of the interior decorating tastes of Lee. Fixing up homes, even those of his friends was one of Lee’s favorite hobbies. His friend Steve Garey has shared with me how when he was living in the guest house for several years after Lee’s mother passed away how when Steve would be out of town working on tour he would often come back home to find the place entirely re-decorated.

So if you find yourself in Galena Illinois stop on by the Belvedere Mansion for a great historic home with just a small hint of Liberace’s place in decorating history.