Pianist and composer Linda Gentille is featured in an article on AsiaOne about her exciting career.

The Piano Princess’ love affair with Asia

Linda Gentille got her start in show business after auditioning for Liberace at the tender age of 16. She performed with him in his final performance at Radio City Music Hall. She had this to say about her memories of him

He was a pleasant and simple person. He always dressed in workout clothes during the day. He loved to cook and he had 26 dogs in his many houses. He was one of the nicest people in show business.

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Liberace’s influence must be quite powerful in Asia. I noticed that both Linda and Steve Garey the official acknowledged living Liberace protege have gone on to have successful careers in Asia. Mr. Garey lived with Liberace in his guest house in order to take lessons and had achieved personal success in Japan including gold albums before his return to the Cloisters in time for his teacher to pass away. Both Linda and Steve have performed for Presidents and have worked to create a more humane world for animals. These similarities are so striking that I believe Lee had great influence over who worked with him especially his students.