If Liberace could see today I am sure he would be thrilled. His biggest fear that he would be remembered for what killed him, over his talent, never came true. Lee is remembered as the man with a big heart and a marvelous personality. He was both an artist and a humanitarian. Today Lee brings a smile to our face empowering a world to be just that much more glamorous.

I wish that Lee were alive today to see  a world where his sexual identity would not have caused him to be afraid of what people would think of him. Today if Lee were still alive we would love him more for being entirely who he was publicly.

Lee lives on through my dear friend Steve Garey. Steve was his acknowledged protege and the training he received from Lee propelled his own career which included work as Frank Sinatra’s pianist. Most importantly Lee was his best friend. I know that February 4th will be a hard day for Steve remembering that day when he had to go out and tell the world his friend had passed.

This has been a hard year for Steve. Sending his friend a few kind words and knowing that he is in your prayers is another thing Lee would have wanted on this anniversary.

This February 4th in memory of Lee do something to make the world just a little more beautiful. Roll down the windows in your car and play one of his tunes be it the Kitten Rag or Ave Maria.  Do something nice for animals.

If you are in Las Vegas how about putting some roses on the grave of his pets. If you are in Hollywood about putting some roses on his grave. 

Most of all embrace the marvelous person that you are and know in the immortal words of Liberace:

Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself.