Check out this gem of an interview between Liberace and Marvin Scott as a preview to his Radio City Music Hall show April 4th.

WPIX 11 New York

[trib_ndn wid=1 vid=24837909]

It was a cloudy spring day in 1985 when sunshine suddenly brightened the WPIX studio with the presence of the incomparable Liberace.  His warm smile showcased teeth as white as the keys on the piano. Wearing a cream-colored striped suit, pale-blue shirt and sky-blue tie and jewel-encrusted rings on both hands, he charmed everyone in sight.

He greeted me like we were old friends as we discussed the interview we were going to do live in the “Spotlight” segment of Independent Network News Midday Edition, which I co-anchored with the former first lady of New York Donna Hanover.

Though outwardly flamboyant, this mega star was more reserved and humble as we spoke one-on-one prior to the interview.  While I had questions for him, he wanted to know about me, where I was from and how long I had been in the news business.  He seemed genuinely interested.

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