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Bob Nye and Liberace are having a good time talking cars, business, and showmanship up in heaven.

Take a moment and read this lovely memorial to Mr. Nye from the Reading Eagle.

Ex-cop’s second life inspired by Liberace 

Courtesy of the Nye family
Bob Nye presents his idol, Liberace, right, with one of Nye’s albums, when Liberace appeared at the Hershey Arena around 1980.


Check out the homage to Liberace and the songs done in mention and tribute of Lee at the Queer Music Heritage blog.  This is a blog written with a whole lot of passion for many artists.


Lee would be thrilled to know there are ways to incorporate his fabulous legacy into every holiday.

Check out: Do It Yourself Liberace Pumpkins! 

Now excuse me while I slip into something more fabulous and warm up my glue gun!

If the Liberace Museum ever opens I think it would be awesome to have decorating contests themed after Lee’s decorating prowess!


Ray Carrillo the elected Riverside County Coroner at the time of Liberace’s death has died. So outrageous was his conduct during the investigation of Lee’s passing the estate filed complaint with the county board of supervisors.  

Read coverage from the Desert Sun

As suspected by Lee’s loved ones this is all famously Ray Carrillo became known for as his legacy was ensuring that Liberace did not get to retain his privacy in death as he wished protected while he was alive.

Carrillo’s handling of Liberace’s death was so outrageous that it led the American Medical Association to make a national plea for confidentiality!

AMA issued a plea that it serves no public interest to release the details concerning Liberace’s death. – Click on image to read the full article

There is a difference between that a person was exposed to the AIDS virus and it having been the cause of death. – Click on image above to read article

Liberace’s was not the only case for which Carrillo received notoriety including attacks on a cryonic laboratory, the accidental cremation of a murder victim and multiple administrative issues.   His office also had deputy coroners who left behind body parts from autopsies in a house to the surprise of its new owners. 

Carrillo famously ordered the Riverside Sheriff to pull over the hearse containing Liberace’s body on its way to the funeral home to divert it to the county coroner’s office. Liberace’s personal physician had signed the original death certificate as heart failure.  Close personal friends including Mr. Steve Garey of Palm Springs California contend to this day it was heart failure and advanced emphysema which led to his death as primary factors rather than AIDS.

News Story about the diverting of Liberace’s body from Forest Lawn Cemetery to Riverside County for autopsy with Ray Carrillo

Liberace desired to be remembered as fabulous! talented! entertaining! brilliant! and a performance genius! Not as the victim of a stigmatized disease.

Ray Carrillo’s witch hunt into the cause of Lee’s death which even the original autopsy did not determine was caused by AIDS gave him temporary notoriety and is recognized as the achievement of his life.

Thankfully the spirit of Liberace has transcended even the labeling of his death by means he never wanted out to the world. Instead the world continues to love him for the character he was in life. So in the end it was the evolution of our society and the enduring genius of Liberace who won at the end of the day.

Liberace’s doctor denies cover up as to the cause of his death. Click on image to read full article

What a fitting tribute 25 years after the world lost Liberace.

Check out the Liberace Master Class and perhaps even those most devoted fans among us will learn a thing or two!

Thank you to Dave Frank  Director, Dave Frank School of Jazz, NYC for this great presentation. He keeps it swinging from 52nd street for our New York readers.

If Liberace could see today I am sure he would be thrilled. His biggest fear that he would be remembered for what killed him, over his talent, never came true. Lee is remembered as the man with a big heart and a marvelous personality. He was both an artist and a humanitarian. Today Lee brings a smile to our face empowering a world to be just that much more glamorous.

I wish that Lee were alive today to see  a world where his sexual identity would not have caused him to be afraid of what people would think of him. Today if Lee were still alive we would love him more for being entirely who he was publicly.

Lee lives on through my dear friend Steve Garey. Steve was his acknowledged protege and the training he received from Lee propelled his own career which included work as Frank Sinatra’s pianist. Most importantly Lee was his best friend. I know that February 4th will be a hard day for Steve remembering that day when he had to go out and tell the world his friend had passed.

This has been a hard year for Steve. Sending his friend a few kind words and knowing that he is in your prayers is another thing Lee would have wanted on this anniversary.

This February 4th in memory of Lee do something to make the world just a little more beautiful. Roll down the windows in your car and play one of his tunes be it the Kitten Rag or Ave Maria.  Do something nice for animals.

If you are in Las Vegas how about putting some roses on the grave of his pets. If you are in Hollywood about putting some roses on his grave. 

Most of all embrace the marvelous person that you are and know in the immortal words of Liberace:

Nobody will believe in you unless you believe in yourself.

One of Dr. Demento’s favorites he just played on tour.   Billy Barty at only 3’9″ does a wonderful over the top tribute to Lee singing “I’m in the Mood for Love”  at 1:57 into the clip below.

RIP Billy he joined Lee in heaven in 2002.

Inspired yet again by the lovely Ava Gardner Museum  which is thriving while Liberace’s has closed, I would love to know how much interest there would be for an annual Liberace Festival just like the museum for Ava has enjoyed.

Check out the details for the Ava Gardner festival.

Do you think that Las Vegas could pull off a Liberace festival to benefit his scholarship foundation? Would you purchase tickets 6 months in advance?

Many of those who once worked with Lee are now gone. Yet we still have remarkable people still around who can honestly and authentically answer questions about the man, the music, the costumes, and the legacy in a panel discussion just as other classic celebrities are now honored.

I salute the Ava Gardner museum on their great work and I believe one day we will have the same vibrant energy at work for Lee.

I am sure that Liberace worked with many real estate agents throughout his life. This obituary is touching that in the entirety of this very accomplished woman’s life one of her favorite experiences  was doing business with Lee.

Please take a moment to read:

Real estate agent Daniel loved planning parties

She also worked 3 years as Eastman Kodak chemist.

Deepest condolences and celebration of the life of Ninfa Daniel to her friends and family from this Liberace fan with sincere hopes that the two of them are talking real estate in heaven.

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