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This just popped up onto YouTube.  It is the opening of the Liberace show as it appeared in Las Vegas.  Liberace was one of the first performers to combine a video presentation with his stage show.

This includes appearance by Scott Thorsen so I wonder if it will be reenacted in the upcoming Behind the Candelabra film.

The Liberace Show 1981



I am offering no opinion on the upcoming film Steven Soderbergh has been talking about since 2008. I have not seen it and I do not know how pleased I will be with his portrayal of Liberace. Yet I do know that for the current generation this picture may be what forever defines the public perception of our iconic hero. My personal desire is to have a stamp adopted for Liberace prior to this picture so that it is done to honor the talent we hold in our hearts today, not Hollywood’s perhaps tarnished impression.

Matt Damon reports in this article on that the picture is scheduled to film Summer 2011.

Don’t forget to contact USPS today and tell them to put Lee on a stamp! Click here for instructions!

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