I was wandering through the FaceBook fan pages for Liberace when I saw the post by another fan about getting Liberace on a postage stamp. I thought how brilliant! He absolutely deserves one!

I am a homemaker, writer, radio show producer, podcast producer, living in Las Vegas who grew up as a fan of Liberace in the 1980s. I can remember doing all of my chores and not getting in trouble all day so that I could curl up on the floor and watch his TV specials. My family made several visits to the museum before it closed. I have great memories of walking through the exhibits as a teen with my parents and celebrating Mothers Day with my own children at the museum. When the Mozart effect became so popular for children to listen to classical music I broke out the Liberace cassette tapes and played them for my babies.

So as a hobby I try to post interesting information each day about Lee’s legacy so that others may be moved to writing their own letter to the United States Postal service to honor a great American performer.